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9 locations : 10% discount on Painless Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic therapy) at Fine Feather Dental

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When the tooth pulp is damaged, it is to be removed. Removal of this damaged tooth pulp is known as root canal. Tooth pulp is like tiny, thread-like tissue located in middle of the tooth. There are several reasons as to how the tooth pulp might decay like a cracked tooth, intense cavity or any severe tooth injury. After removing this dead pulp, the surrounding area is cleaned, defined and packed. This entire procedure is known as root canal.

If you suffer from some of the followign symptoms contact Dentist to know if you need Root Canal Treatment:
a) Pain. Teeth that will ultimately require endodontic therapy don't always cause pain. But if yours does, you may experience one or more of the following.

    The level of discomfort can range from just slight to extreme. It may include a throbbing component (feels like it has its own heartbeat).
    Its character may change (lessen or intensify) as you change your posture (stand up, bend over, etc...).
    It may only come in response to a stimulus such as chewing or biting pressure, or pressing or tapping on the tooth. In other instances, its onset may be totally spontaneous.
    It can be triggered by thermal insult (like exposure to hot or cold foods and beverages). Sometimes heat will bother the culprit tooth and cold liquids or ice will settle it down.
    The pain may linger, possibly for some minutes, before finally fading. In other cases, once it has set in it may last for hours on end.
    The discomfort may be severe enough that it wakes you from sound sleep.
    Sometimes a person can tell which side of their mouth hurts but not which tooth, or even if it's an upper or lower one.

b) Gum tenderness or swelling. Swelling doesn't occur in every case but when it does:

    It can range from just very slight (a normal-looking area that has some mild tenderness) to quite pronounced (a lump that you can actually feel or region that has noticeable  fullness).
    When relatively minor and localized, the area of swelling is usually at a level that approximates the tip of the problem tooth's root.
    It's possible that due to swelling the tooth may feel slightly elevated (seems as though it's "taller" than its neighboring teeth).
    With acute flare-ups, the swelling may extend into your face and/or neck.
    Instead of pronounced swelling, a pimple-like drain for pus may form on your gums.

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Painless and Precise Root Canal

Are you suffering from tremendous tooth ache? Are you looking for safe and reliable endodontic services? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then look no further of Fine Feather Dental.

  •  Robotic Device: Root Canal done with state-of-art instrument Apex Locator and Robotic Device Endo-motor. The instruments helps in following ways
  • With robotic instruments at play, there is less reliance of Dentist’s Manual Judgement. The root canal cleaning and filling is always precise.
  • Since there is no trial and error is involved, the root canal treatment finishes quicker.
  •  Computerized Painless Injection:  These injections doesn’t pain at all. These injection are called termed as magical wand by  many.  The painless injection removes anxiety from root canal treatment.
  • Experienced doctors: Our specialists – Endodontists have in-depth knowledge of Root Canal Treatment, so much so that they routinely conduct advanced treatment such as reviving failed root canal treatments, post and core to save heavily damaged tooth.
  • Many convenient Locations: We many branches of dental Clinic in Ahmedabad. So there would be Fine Feather branch near you. We also have presence in Suraj and Gandhingar.

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  • Prior appointment required.
  • Subject to availability of staff and equipments.
  • Discount cannot be clubbed with any other schemes or offers.
  • For further details contact :     +91 9099964027 / 28       info@finefeather.in

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