1. What does ApnaZon.com do?
    ApnaZon is “Your exclusive Zone”, bringing for you the exclusive deals, discounts and offers round the globe. We are passionate about bringing you the best deals, those that we would want ourselves. Get deals through the Internet on our website, on your mobile via SMS or via our upcoming mobile app. 
  2. What does 'ApnaZon’' mean?
    Apna = our, very own, customized for you, personalized, exclusive.
    Zon = Zone, area, place, community, group.
    It’s “Your Own Exclusive Zone”
  3.  Who's behind ApnaZon.com?
    ApnaZon.com is owned by “Medinfocom Technologies” the brain child of Dr. Mehul Dave. A doctor by profession, entrepreneur by attitude.
  4. Where is ApnaZon.com located?
    Wherever you are, your very own, apnaZon follows you. What ever you need, wherever you need we are there. But as a physical entity we are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are very much “Made in India, Amdavadi by heart”



  1. There's this deal I like. What do I do?
    If you like a deal, it is exclusively for you. Click the ‘buy’ link and you get the deal in your shopping cart. Once you check-out your cart, you get the deal in your mailbox, an SMS in your mobile and your account page on ApnaZon.com You can take out the printout or show the mail to the merchant / service / seller to redeem the deal.
  2. What is a bulk order?
    A bulk order enables you to buy a large number of deals for a particular restaurant or service and use them all at a single time. Call customer service to place a bulk order.
  3. Do I need to register to buy the deal?
    Yes this is your zone and the steps to get in are very few, so just provide your name, email id and your mobile number and we are there exclusively for you to show you the magic of ApnaZon.
  4. Do I need to use the voucher the day I get it?
    Each deal has an expiry date mentioned, and needs to be used before that. So read the term and conditions carefully to redeem the deal. 
  5. Can I gift a ApnaZon deal to my friend or family ?
    Yes! Unless the deal terms and conditions specify otherwise, the deal is yours and you can surely share your Zone.
  6. If I don't use the voucher value in one visit, can I use the remainder later?
    Refer the terms and conditions for the deal, usually the deal has to redeemed in a single transaction.
  7. Can I combine ApnaZon deals with other schemes?
    Usually no, unless mentioned specifically in the terms and conditions of the deal.
  8. What if I wish to refund or exchange products or services bought from ApnaZon.com?
    Only for faulty or damaged products. Inform us of the same by emailing support@apnazon.com within a week of receiving product at your doorstep. Damaged goods must be returned in their original packaging with intact product tags. Refund or replacement for goods/merchandise is subject to inspection and checking by ApnaZon team. Damages due to neglect, improper usage will not be covered.
  9. Can I change my mind after I have bought a deal?
    Sorry, but once you have purchased a deal, it cannot be cancelled, you either need to redeem or forfeit the deal or gift it to your friends and family.
  10. If, the business for which I bought a ApnaZon.com deal, shuts down, then what?
    In such a case we will surely refund you the money you have paid to purchase the deal from ApnaZon, as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the deal and only prior to the expiry date of the deal.
  11. How can I get my business on ApnaZon.com ?
    Welcome aboard, partner http://www.apnazon.com/page/business has all the answers you want.
  12. Are there any terms & conditions for buying deals?
    Each deal page shows the Highlights, offers Details, Validity, What you get and Terms & Conditions. Read them carefully before you purchase the deal. 
  13. Are there any "hidden conditions"?
    What you see, you ought to get. If it is, it is mentioned or take it as not.
  14. I deleted the email with the deal by mistake, how to get it back ? 
    You can find it in your account on apnaZon.com or you can Mail us or call our customer care.
  15. Can I use the SMS with the voucher details?
    Definitely! Just show the SMS with voucher details to enjoy your deal. However, there are some merchants who still demand the print of the voucher. We suggest you read the terms of the deal bought by you.
  16. Can I am getting too many deals that are not relevant to me! Can't I just get stuff I am interested in?
    This is your exclusive zone, login to your ApnaZon account and set your preferences in the "My Profile" section. Tell us what you want, what you don't want, and how often you want to get the notifications for the deals, that’s all.



  1. What payment options do I have?
    MasterCard/Visa credit cards, all debit cards, net banking, Itz cash card, Oxicash, cash on delivery and directly through your Mobile account on the WAP site. It’s your zone, and we like you to pay however you want.
  2. Am I billed as soon as I buy anything on ApnaZon?
    Yes, you are charged when you buy a deal.
  3. Can I order by phone?
    Oh yes! Please call our customer service at +91 - 90999 89081
  4. Is ApnaZon a safe place to make online transactions ?
    Your credit card number is transmitted by Verisign SSL directly to our secure payment gateways. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers. We are there to relieve your anxiety, call us and we are there to answer all your queries.
  5. Are there any taxes or additional charges to be payed at the time I redeem the deal, other than those mentioned in the deal ?
    Always check terms and conditions. Usually, most of our deals are inclusive of taxes and additional charges. Wherever there are any other charges to be paid, they are mentioned in the ‘terms and conditions’ section of the deal. 
  6. I bought a deal, but can I cancel it before the deal ends?
    Sorry, but once you have purchased a deal, it cannot be cancelled, you either need to redeem or forfeit the deal or gift it to your friends and family.


If I have any more questions, who will answer them ? 

  1. How do I contact the customer care team?
    Email us at support@ApnaZon.com, chat with us or call us at +91 - 
    90999 89081
    from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM.
  2. What is the response time to a member inquiry?
    We will try to answer your queries as fast as we can, and that is pretty fast, we assure you !
    - Account
    - Signing in
    - Scheduling an appointment to redeem the deal
    - Restaurant reservations
    - Expired deal
    - Email subscriptions